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The VITS SPRINT Variable Data Rotary Cutter is the latest in advanced servo technology designed exclusively for the digital press market. So advanced, its cam profile drive technology is patented. Developed to provide variable speed profiling to allow not only cut length changes, but take on-demand chip sizes with the push of a button!

Built modular for today's fast growing digital press market, the SPRINT VDRC has many finishing options including high speed shingle table, double divert delivery, deep pile sheet stacking and variable data batching/stacking.

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Rotary Cutter: Products


The SPRINT Variable Data Rotary Cutter is as versatile as the markets it serves.  Book production, Direct Mail, Commercial, Packaging, Converting, or Newspaper.  The same unit can be used for either inline and/or near line.


SPRINT is the only high speed cutter that delivers multiple web capability.  Our exclusive Clear-Channel register control and ultra-high speed knife positioning drive control provides single copy registration recovery.


VITS has been delivering dependable, technologically advanced web finishing systems for more than 30 years to clients in more than 20 countries worldwide.  At VITS, we don't follow change... we drive it!



  • Rated Mechanical Speed: 1,500 fpm / 457 m/min

  • Control Technology: Bosch Rexroth

  • Maximum Product Thickness: .065" / 1.65 mm

  • Full Bleed: YES

  • Chip Size: 1/4" - 3/8" - 1/2" - 3/4" / 6.3 mm - 9.5 mm - 12.7 mm - 19 mm

  • Variable Cut: YES

  • Cam Profiling: YES

  • Single and/or Multiple Streams: YES

  • Folded Product: YES

  • Flat Product: YES

  • Width of Cutter: 20" - 28" - 38" / 508 - 711 - 965 mm

  • Minimum Cut Length: 5" / 127 mm

  • Maximum Cut Length: 25" / 635 mm

  • Custom Sizes & Applications Available: YES

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