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Maximize the pagination possibilities from the web by implementing a ribbon deck and/or a prefolder.

Ribbon Deck & Prefolder: Products


Slit the web into multiple ribbons, reposition and interleave them.  Add a former folder to produce a wide variety of fold formats.


Integrate a ribbon deck with a former folder on a commercial press, mount it on the floor in front of a rotary cutter to produce folded covers/signatures or integrate it into a digital finishing line for the production of book blocks or saddle stitched books.


Add a running perf wheel, an inline gluing system or a spot gluer to add value to a simple folded product.



  • Rated Mechanical Speed: 2,000 fpm / 609 m/min

  • Independently Driven: YES

  • Control Technology: Bosch Rexroth

  • Available Web Widths: 20" - 65" / 508 - 1,651 mm

  • Standard Former Sizes: 9 1/2", 11", 14.5" / 241 mm, 279 mm, 368 mm

  • Minimum Fold Panel: 1 1/2" / 38 mm

  • Multiple Webs: YES

  • Motorized Angle Bars: YES

  • Motorized Sidelay: YES

  • Web Bypass: YES

  • Ribbon to Ribbon Compensation: YES

  • Former Bars Drilled for Air: YES

  • Remote Control Station: YES

  • Service Support 24 hr/7/365: YES

Ribbon Deck & Prefolder: Text
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