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The VITS DS Zero-Speed Splicer is used by many of today's inkjet press manufacturers as well as integrated with VITS offline finishing systems.  It allows printers to maintain optimum press performance.  Loaded with innovative components, this compact splicer makes reel preparation, continuous web flow, and consistent operation a simple process.

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Utilize the DS Splicer to splice preprinted rolls in register.  Minimize waste and get back up and running quicker with the register option!


The DS Splicer can be configured to support either a two or three web near line operation.  This will enable non-stop multi-roll production, maximizing your finishing line's efficiency and taking advantage of all the DS has to offer!


The DS Splicer can be used inline with any continuous web application or near line capacity.  Either way, the DS Splicer will maximize your running efficiency and productivity!

Add a Web Guide or Infeed Unit to improve the web quality even more.

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  • Maximum Splice Speed: 243 or 365 m/min

  • Maximum Web Width: 762 or 1,067 mm

  • Minimum Web Width: 254 mm

  • Maximum Roll Diameter: 1,270 mm

  • Maximum Roll Weight Capacity: 1,134 kg

  • Range of Paper Weight: 40 - 200 gsm

  • Sidelay: +/- 20mm

  • Tension Range: 9.1 - 22.6 kg

  • Tension Control During Run: +/- 1.8 kg

  • Tension Control at Splice: +/- 4.5 kg

  • Air Consumption: 2 SCFM @ 80 psi

  • Dual Direction Unwind: YES

  • Motorized Roll Sidelay: YES

  • Register Splicing: YES

  • Control Technology: Bosch Rexroth

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